The purpose of this website is to be a hub for Boston tour guides.  The site has four related functions:

1.  On the main page, Articles.  These fall into categories:

a)  Local News, presented with a tour guide’s spin.

b)  Myth-slaying articles critical of falsehoods unwittingly propagated by tour guides.

c)  Features on Bostonians:

1)  Tour guides, and
2)  Others who represent some part of Boston society.

d)  General Tips on tour guiding.

2.  A Directory of local institutions with their phone, hours, address, and URL.

3.  Gatherings.  Bostontourguide.org is currently negotiating events through local institutions for the purpose of tour guides meeting and sharing.  (join us!)

4.  The Forum, where tour guides can introduce topics and talk to each other.

The site only began on December 1, 2012.  It’s off to a running start, with positive feedback from a broad range of people within and around the industry.  I still need writers and researchers.  If you are kind enough to volunteer to aid this project, please write in.  Also, if you are kind enough to notice a need for improvement, please communicate it.

Thank you,
Jon Cotton, editor

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  1. Don’t know how old this site is, but I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who gives tours of underground tunnels or the T. Thanks!

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